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Another excellent post from Gavin Quinney about UK wine duty



Organico ergo je fume* – I’m bio therefore I smoke

Well and elegantly said

Les 5 du Vin

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AC Touraine vineyard blitzed with weedkiller – Loire UNESCO World Heritage site…

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I have a great deal of sympathy and respect for producers who chose to farm their vineyards organically or biodynamically. In the Loire an increasing number of producers are now choosing to convert to organic viticulture joining a significant number of their colleagues who have already made this decision.

Equally I deplore the use of weedkillers, especially when vineyards are totally blitzed, although I do understand the economic imperative in appellations, such as parts of Touraine, where wine fetches a low price. Here it isn’t just the producer who bears a responsibility but also the commercial wine buyer and us wine consumers looking to buy very cheap wine.

So in no way is this a post knocking organic viticulture or its adherents. I am genuinely puzzled and astonished that so many organic wine producers smoke. Producers who wouldn’t…

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Vignobles André Lurton


Vignobles André Lurton is proud to announce a new partnership with two of the most dynamic companies in the UK wine trade: Daniel Lambert Wines and Theatre of Wine.

Progressive retailer, importer and wholesaler Theatre of Wine offers one of the most eclectic ranges of wines in the UK. For André Lurton, they will manage on trade accounts within London and the South-East as well as making the wines available to retail customers through their three shops in London. From its beginnings in 2002 as a retailer, Theatre of Wine has grown its important on-trade distribution network, looking after some of the finest restaurants, retailers and wine bars.

Daniel Lambert Wines will be responsible for off trade national sales. Lambert states: “We are delighted to add the André Lurton portfolio to our Bordeaux range. Vignobles André Lurton is a leading producer whose wines offer the best of quality and value, and as a family winery it fits very well with our existing agencies from around the world. Moreover, the Lurton range will complement our existing high-profile properties in the Bordeaux region, which include the leading Cru Classé Sauternes producer Chateau Filhot.”

Established in 1992, Daniel Lambert Wines is the winner of numerous industry awards, including the IWC Small Agent 2016. It is one of the most relevant wine importers in the UK, currently importing wines from carefully selected family growers in France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Austria.

Vignobles André Lurton is a major producer of Entre-Deux-Mers and Pessac-Léognan and one of the most important groups in the Bordeaux region. They are the leading distributor on the traditional French and Belgian markets, recently introducing a range of wines specifically adapted for on-trade. Since inheriting Chateau Bonnet in Entre-Deux-Mers in 1953, André Lurton carefully developed the estate, bringing it to prominence with the purchase of Chateau La Louviere in 1965. Constant innovation and the pursuit of excellence have established it as a leading family-owned estate offering one of the most consistent ranges of Bordeaux wines on the market today.

André Lurton’s innovation was instrumental in the decision to use screwcap for their best white wines as early as 2003. “The difficulties experienced by the Lurtons to promote screwcap in their top white wines is now perceived as a tremendous advantage for our partners, due to the consistency and ageability of the wines of Rochemorin, La Louviere and Cru Classé Couhins Lurton,” continues Illsley, “an extensive range of library vintages of some of the most gastronomic wines in Bordeaux, will be available to sommeliers and on trade partners for the first time.”

André Lurton properties: Chateau Couhins-Lurton Cru Classé de Graves, Chateau La Louviere, Chateau Bonnet, Chateau de Cruzeau, Chateau de Rochemorin, Chateau de Barbe-Blanche, Chateau Coucheroy, Chateau Guibon and Château Grossombre.

This communication has been brought to you by All For One Wines, which is run by Alice McLeod Dumas. Alice sources and facilitates the distribution of wines from Bordeaux, Languedoc and South-West France to key clients in export markets including the UK, Germany and the USA.
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Insightful blog from Gavin Quinney on Bordeaux 2016 harvest

For me it was a pleasure to see smiles on faces during the harvest. That simple fact tells me a lot.

Bordeaux 2016 harvest – quality and quantity